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No Show Concealers

No Show Concealers

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Our iconic Perky Protectors are now available.
Need help with a delicate situation? We've got you covered (literally!) with Secret #13, Gentle No-Show Concealers. These petal-shaped pasties keep nipples under wraps without irritating delicate skin. A hypoallergenic, skin-facing adhesive provides secure yet gentle coverage, while a specially designed paper material ensures these concealers remain seamlessly hidden under the sheerest of fabrics. Delicate and discreet so you can go sheer without fear!

-Soft silicone adhesive designed for the most delicate skin types
-Medical quality, hypo-allergenic: won't irritate skin
-Convenient, reusable product
-2 liners and storage case included

-Anytime you need to "de-perkify!"
-Ideal for individuals with delicate or sensitive skin
-Perfect under t-shirts, sheer tops, dresses, and swimwear
-Great for unpadded bras or braless fashions