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Turdcules Toilet Elixir (Poo Spray)

Turdcules Toilet Elixir (Poo Spray)

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How to use toilet elixir…shake well, spray in bowl & FIRE in the hole! Each 2 ounce bottle will give you 100+ uses.

SASQUAT: To become LEGENDARILY elusive! We say it smells like Camping & Living Legends. Seriously, it smells like evergreen trees & wild berries.

SOMETHIN’ BREWING: To sweeten your BITTER butt-brew! We say it smells like Wisdom & Grandpa’s Stories. Seriously, it smells like coffee bean & pipe tobacco.

LOGSPLITTER: To cover that BANEFUL bear bait! We say it smells like Tree Bark & Grit. Seriously, it smells like leather, pine & moss.

10 GALLON SHAT: To tame your Beastly Butt Bovines! We say it smells like Bonfires & Bad Decisions. Seriously, it smells like campfire embers & barrels of whiskey.

TURDALLY AWESOME: For the most radical TURDAL waves! We say it smells like Good Vibes & Wicked Waves. Seriously, it smells like satsuma, mint, & cayenne pepper.

TURDPEDO: To disarm your POTENT payload! We say it smells like Sunburns & Victory. Seriously, it smells like gun powder, motor oil, grapefruit, & lime.

POOSEIDON: To calm the PORCELAIN sea! We say it smells like Sunken Ships & Drunken Sailors. Seriously, it smells like teak wood & pirate rum.




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